Thanks for Your Support!

Your generosity allows The Pap Corps to support the next survivor through funding our Mission. Over the last 68 years, we have donated over $110 million, including a historic 10-year, $50 million pledge to Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. These funds are used for groundbreaking cancer research and to bring in world-renown cancer researchers to work on eradicating all forms of cancer. The funds raised also helped Sylvester with milestones and key programs listed below.

Sylvester’s National Cancer Institute (NCI) Designation

Sylvester received NCI designation on July 10, 2019. The Pap Corps steadfast support has helped facilitate the recruitment of elite cancer-focused physicians and scientists, supported several research initiatives within different disciplines, and advanced research within the three research programs that support cutting-edge, collaborative, and multidisciplinary research relevant to Sylvester’s catchment area. These factors helped Sylvester achieve

their NCI Designation.

Sylvester’s 2nd Game Changer Vehicle 

This Game Changer Vehicle will bring cancer screenings and health information to underserved communities in Palm Beach and Northern Broward Counties. Visitors of the vehicle can receive the following services for FREE:

  • Education about cancer and cancer prevention/early detection
  • Screening for common cancers and ease the risk of developing cancer
Nurses Fund

Funds provided by The Pap Corps help support professional growth of Sylvester nurses and advance practice providers through education, training, certification, and a new Clinical Trials Research track.

For more detailed information on where your donations go, please visit our Impact page. And to see and hear from survivors, please visit our Testimonials page.