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Carolyn Segal, President

Left to right:

Roberta Platoff, Sheila Satine and Carole Muehlgay

The Pap Corps champions for cancer research is one of the largest grassroot organizations in the United States and the only one in southeast Florida. It is made up of nearly 20,000 men and women and 51 chapters in Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties. Its mission states: 


   “To enable and support through the funds we raise, the vital research programs at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.” 


For over 70 years, The Pap Corps has supported the many research programs at Sylvester giving nearly $110 million dollars including a $50 million dollar pledge. Sylvester is the only NCI designated cancer center in southeast Florida and one of only 71 throughout the United States.  Cancer does not discriminate and has affected all of our lives in one way or another. So, The Pap Corps supports all types of cancer. 


If you are interested in becoming a member, or making a general donation, please click on one of the campaigns below. You may also call one of The Pap board members here at Ponte Vecchio, click here for a directory.

 If you'd like to know more about The Pap Corps, please go to www.thepapcorps.org

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Would you like to learn more about joining our Chapter? Or volunteer opportunities? Please contact our Chapter President, Carolyn Segal.

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The Giving Train is an opportunity to make a monthly commitment in support of cancer research and the next survivor.


AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to donate to The Pap Corps every time you shop, at no cost to you.

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Pap sells Mah-Jongg cards from November – January to benefit Cancer Research. Click the button below to download the flyer with more info.

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Begin each new month with a tribute. Honor, memorialize, or commemorate a special occasion.

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Dear Pap Members:


What prompted me to commit to a monthly donation to The Giving Train?  It was a silent promise I made to myself and all those family members and friends who I lost to cancer over the years–simply put, I found one more opportunity to support the next survivor by helping find the cure:  That is the mission of The Pap Corps, funding research at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.  My being a survivor in and of itself should have convinced me, but it was those who didn't survive that I cared about the most.  You and I know there are many organizations that are worthy of your support, but if ever you should need an NCI designated medical center, Sylvester is the one, and the only one in south Florida.  It offers you the trials, treatments, and hope that could make the difference saving yours or the life of someone you love.   Please consider signing on to "The Giving Train."  Thank you for taking the time to read my note to you.


Carolyn Segal


The Pap Corps – Ponte Vecchio Chapter

Due to Covid, Footloose & Cancer Free has been postponed and will now be held on Sunday May 1st, 1:00 at the Opal Grand Resort.

We are pleased to take advantage of an opportunity with the Valencia Isles chapter of The Pap Corps to offer our Members a REUSABLE

Local Merchants Discount Card. Click here to download the flyer with more information.

Mah Jongg Cards – now available for purchase! Click here to download the flyer with more info, or click the button below to purchase online.

January 26th – Give from the heart! Join us for our Annual Winter Card Party. Click here to view the flyer with more info.

February 5th – 12th – Pap 7-Night Cruise. Click here for more info.

March 31st – Pap Annual Cocktail Party. Due to COVID concerns we have rescheduled this event from its original January date. Click here to download the flyer with more info, or click the button below to register online.

January 26 – Winter Card Party – The Fountains

February 5 – 12 – Pap Cruise

February 17  - 20th Anniversary Luncheon – Benvenuto’s

March 3 – Benzaiten Glass Blowing – Lake Worth

March 19 – Walkathon/Fitness Day

March 29 – General Meeting

March 31 – Celebrity Cocktail Party (Social Hall)

April 9 - TBD – Evening Event (Social Hall)

May 5 - Mah Jongg Tournament (Social Hall)

May 22 - Installation of Officers (Social Hall)

June 15 - Summer Card Party (Social Hall)

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General Questions

Contact Carolyn Segal at cnwalker99@gmail.com

Patient Referrals

Please contact Sue Hochberg at granmasara@aol.com

Reservations and Processing Administrator

Please Contact Phyllis Schneider at pschnei160@aol.com


Please contact:

Harriet Berger at heberger7164@gmail.com

Sandi Monack at sjmonack@gmail.com


If you HAVE an Amazon account, click on the button below to sign in to AmazonSmile. The "Papanicolaou Corps for Cancer Research" organization will be selected by default as your choice for the donation. Then go ahead and do your purchasing (just like you would do on Amazon), only this site is Amazon Smile, and it does the rest by donating .5% of your purchases. (Yes, Amazon Smile does have a prime account feature, too.) 


If you DON'T have a an AMAZON account, click the button below, and then the button that says 'Create Your Amazon Account'. After that, you are ready to order. 

[NOTE: For PAP to receive a donation, you must use your Amazon Smile account not your regular Amazon account which is not the donation website.]  

Help PAP fundraise by sending an email to family members and close friends asking

them to sign on to SMILE AMAZON by using this website for purchases and gifts throughout the year.


Monthly Calendar Sponsorship Program

Begin each new month with a tribute. Honor, memorialize, or commemorate a special occasion with a $25.00 contribution to The Pap Corps. The names of contributors will be acknowledged in an e-mail sent to our membership community at the end of that calendar month. 

Contact Sue Hochberg at granmasara@aol.com

Pap Raffle Calendar

A new calendar contest is open.  Choose dates that are important to you; they could put $$ in your wallet.  Share a date for $5 or make the date yours for $10. 

Contact Elaine Olsen at eoeo81@aol.com or Ellen Greene at ellpub@aol.com for details.

Birthday Greetings

Please contact:

Beverly Morgenthal at bevnyu@aol.com

Alan Morgenthal at almorgent@aol.com

Andi Bershatsky at andreabershatsky@aol.com

Tribute Cards

Please Contact:

Sandy Schwartz at saksgram@aol.com

Arlene Sacks at sacksarlene@gmail.com

Sponsor and Event

Please contact Sue Hochberg at granmasara@aol.com

Levels of Giving

Please contact Linda Goodstein at legoods@aol.com

Below are a few examples on how to give:

  • A minimum $10 donation can be giving for any reason.
  • If you are a member, inquire about becoming a Pap Angel.
  • Honor or memorialize someone special on The Wall of Recognition.
  • Buy a Brick in The Garden of Hope at the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Research Center at Deerfield, with either an individual or group donation.