Wycliffe Chapter

The Wycliffe Chapter of The Pap Corps was founded in April 2005 by a group of fifteen ladies. They were invited to The Pap Corps Donor Luncheon held that May. Sylvia Brauner and Phyllis Noller were our founding Co-Presidents. Everyone who attended a meeting at the home of Phyllis Noller took a position on the founding Board. And that’s how it began. We had our first meeting November 2005 and the speaker was an oncologist/gynecologist. In their first term Phyllis and Sylvia started the Birthday Card Program and The Night of 1001 fundraiser was chaired by Debby Wolfenson. Phyllis started our first series of boutiques before the meetings. The impetus for starting the Journal was Barbara Goldstein and Sylvia got the first ad!

Today, more than fifteen years later, we are a thriving chapter of about 500 men and women with a Board of seventeen. Rosemary Mirenda and Rochelle Slutskin are our Co-Presidents.

You can click here to view our current Board Members, here to view our Founding Board, or here to view our Past Presidents.

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Featured Events & Other News

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The Wycliffe Summer Newsletter is out! Click here to view it.

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The 2021 Wycliffe Lucky Dates Calendar has been completed! Click here to view our winners.

Wycliffe Chapter Officers

Rosemary Mirenda – Co-President

Rochelle Slutskin – Co-President

Linda Novick – Communications VP

Arlene Lebowitz – Fundraising VP

Leslie Berney – Levels of Giving co VP

Shari Cohen – Levels of Giving co VP

Sharon Mann – Membership VP

Barbara Gordon – Treasurer

Eileen Lippman – Recording Secretary

Liliane Greenberg – Corresponding Secretary

Cheryl Goldberg – Parliamentarian & Historian

Carol Greener – Immediate Past President

Debby Wolfenson – Immediate Past President

Harolyn Glicker – Tributes Chairperson

Judy Berman – Birthday Chairperson

Bobbie Abramson – Physician’s Referral

Susan Peck – Physician’s Referral

Wycliffe Founding Board

April 2005

Sylvia Brauner – Co-President

Phyllis Noller – Co-President

Carol Greener – Fundraising Co-VP

Rosalie Spector – Fundraising Co-VP

Rona Dressler – Membership VP

Barbara Gordon – Donor VP

Betty Leif – Publicity VP

Gail Goldman – Program VP

Carrie Maltz – Treasurer

Debby Wolfenson – Special Projects VP (year 2)

Wycliffe Past Presidents

Carol Greener

Debby Wolfenson

Joan Molin

Barbara Kaye

Barbara Gordon

Carrie Maltz

Sylvia Brauner

Phyllis Noller

Contact Us

If you'd like to get more information about The Pap Corps' Wycliffe Chapter send us an email! Whether it's information about donating, becoming a member, or becoming a volunteer, we would love to talk to you.

Plaque Campaign for The Garden of Hope

Dear members,

Prior to the pandemic, The Pap Corps embarked on The Garden of Hope, a beautiful addition at the Deerfield Beach location.  This area is slated to become an environment of respite and reflection for patients and visitors.  The Pap Corps is raising funds for cancer research by selling bricks along the pathway, benches for seating, and four plaques in the Fountain within the Garden.  More information click here.

The Wycliffe Chapter Board has set as a goal for this year the purchase of one of the four Fountain Plaques in addition to our traditional donation.  This plaque represents a pledge of $25,000.  The plaque will be engraved with the name of our Chapter, and will be dedicated to The Pap Corps’ 68 years of raising funds for cancer research. The purchase of the plaque is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our Chapter to be recognized by the Pap Corps and we hope you’ll agree that it is worth doing.

You can make your plaque contribution by clicking the 'Donate' button below. All donations are greatly appreciated. 

On behalf of everyone at The Pap Corps, thank you for being a part of our community.


Arlene Lebowitz

Fundraising Vice President, Wycliffe Chapter of The Pap Corps

Wycliffe Lucky Dates Calendar

Candyce Goldstein

She owned November 10th and won $500 all by herself .

Arlene Lebowitz

She owned February 12th and won $500 all by herself.