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Happy Pay It Forward Days!


Everyday should be Pay It Forward Day – a day where acts of kindness around the world are not only encouraged, but also serve as an inspiration to make a difference. Our Pay It Forward Program is meaningful ways in the communities where we all live, to raise funds for The Pap Corps. We proudly support a wide range of services that give you the opportunity to literally pay your good fortune forward.

Our Chapter has grown in so many ways and Pay It Forward helps our Mission at Pap. Our members donate their time to help you out in all kinds of ways, and in turn you donate what you might have paid a vendor (or less) by writing a check to The Pap Corps.

To learn more about the Pay It Forward concept and what is available as a service here in Valencia Falls, contact:

Joan – 638-9105, to tell her what service or task you want performed, or suggest a new service that you might wish to offer. We’ll advertise it and Joan handles the rest.

Today’s Research Brings Tomorrow’s Cure!

The Pap Corps Champions for Cancer Research is one of the largest all-volunteer fundraising organizations in South Florida, and the Valencia Falls Chapter is one of the oldest Clubs formed in the Valencia Falls Community. With more than 50 chapters and 22,000 members Pap is dedicated to supporting research for all types of cancer at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, the only university-based cancer center in South Florida.  Since 1952, The Pap Corps has raised over $110 million including our historic $50 million pledge in September 2016, to achieve our vision because Research Matters.

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  • Casino Night in memory of Trudy Balizer was a complete success.

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