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The Boca Pointe Chapter is Created. And so it began…

Paula Robbins, was a guest of her aunt Miriam in early 1998 at the Huntington Lakes ‘unit’ (today called chapter) of the Papanicolaou Annual Donor Luncheon.

She heard a whisper from her aunt suggesting that she might think about starting her own group at Boca Pointe. "You must have been reading my mind," said Paula.

Hearing that faint whisper, she went right to work. The first meeting was held on October 6, 1998 in the meeting room at Promenade at Boca Pointe. Paula Robbins is the founder of The Boca Pointe Chapter of The Pap Corps, Champions for Cancer Research.

Today, the Boca Pointe Chapter includes more than 700 dedicated members, men and women, and has raised more than 2 million dollars in the 21 years of its existence without spending a dime more than necessary on expenses. There are not many organizations that can make that claim!

Over the years, we have asked all our members for contributions and they never let us down. We thank you for your ongoing support and all the donations you have made to fight this awful disease.

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Calendar of Events

october, 2021

Chapter News

The Pap Corps Champions for Cancer Research is seeking Dancers who would like to participate in our Footloose & Cancer Free Dance Challenge. This fundraiser will provide dance lessons to the participants and the the dance off will take place January 16, 2022. If you love to dance and are interested, please contact Belinda Coon, President of The Boca Pointe Pap Chapter at 954-609-4323.

The Boca Pointe 2021 Calendar is out! Buy a piece of the year. Click here to download the flyer.

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We had our Chapter Walk on April 24th and it was a great success! Scroll down to take a look at the pictures from that day.

The Pap Corps Board Presents $2,000,000 Dollar Check to Sylvester

Boca Pointe Pap Corps “Walks”

I don’t know where most of the readers of this article were on Saturday, April 24th, but more than100 of you were at the Club’s Multi-Purpose area getting ready to walk to support cancer research at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. It was a great sight, seeing everyone in their purple Pap Corps shirts and hats and masks, of course. Everyone was so excited. Before beginning her own walk, Ronni Ratsprecher had an opportunity to snap a few photos and some of them appear on this page. Congratulations to Ann Rhodes and Lynn Berman for co-chairing this event. They did a wonderful job of getting friends and family to sign up to walk and Lynn also created all the commemorative markers on butterflies for members who wanted to honor or memorialize those who weren’t present. Ann brought many kinds of giveaways including hand sanitizers, pens, chocolates, cool-neck towels and much more. She also provided bottles of water and healthy snacks for all the walkers. Thanks too to The Sports Center at The Club at Boca Pointe for allowing The Pap Corps to set up a table to register prospective walkers in advance of the big day. Our chapter president, Belinda Coon-Lieb was especially pleased to report that our event raised more than $7,500 and that was inclusive of the $3,000 that Boca Pointe Chapter raised for the Dolphins DCC XI Challenge two weeks earlier.

This was a great event, lots of camaraderie and if you missed it, watch this space for future, exciting fund-raising events in 2021-2022.

Written by Rayna Becker


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