Company Fundraising with The Pap Corps

Thank you for your interest in partnering with The Pap Corps, your company can really make a difference! Inspire your employees by giving them the opportunity to support a great cause while helping us raise funds for cancer research. Listed below are few ways that you can support our organization.


Sponsoring an Event

Raise money for cancer research by sponsoring a Pap Corps event. We hold numerous events every year, and there are many sponsorship opportunities for businesses. Sponsoring an event will give your organization exposure to over 20,000 Pap Corps members.


Matching Gifts

Corporate gift matching is an excellent way to support The Pap Corps. Match your employees’ gifts and help us fund research at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. Please fill out your email below to request more information.

Office Treasure Hunt

Set up an intriguing treasure hunt within the company. Employees participate by paying an entry fee, so they can join in on the excitement. Find a location where you can do the event, and hide coins, small items, and other “treasures” that employees and their families can hunt for. There are several variations to this type of theme such as scavenger hunts, creating puzzles to solve, and so forth. Be creative!

Funniest Photo Contest

Employees can bring in their most hilarious photos of themselves to participate in a humorous photo contest. You can place each photo on a bulletin board in the lunchroom with a collection can under each one. Others can vote on their favorite photo by placing a donation in the can. Announce who’s in the lead each day and get people motivated!

Guess Whose Pet Photo Contest

Similar to the above. However, use photos of pets and a list of the owners. Have employees match the pet to the owner. Collect votes to raise money.

By hosting a fundraising event, you can increase employee engagement and awareness while helping us reach our goal of A World Without Cancer. Your office is not limited to the fundraising opportunities above. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your ideas.