Host a Cancer Prevention Fundraising Event

Want to impact cancer research? Host an event to raise funds for cancer research with your neighbors, friends or family to benefit The Pap Corps. The Pap Corps’ professional staff can guide you through the process of hosting a fundraiser in your local community. Raising money for cancer research is easier than you think. Below are some fun event ideas to get you started.


Need Help Getting Started? Contact Us!

If you would like to host a fundraiser and need help getting started, or would like to get more information about how to donate the funds to The Pap Corps, contact us. One of our staff members will get in touch with you and walk you through the process.


Organize a monthly gathering with a group of co-workers, colleagues, or friends at different locations to share a light meal. Guests pay to attend the lunch and the host graciously covers the cost of the food. Alternate hosts each month. Proceeds from the event will go to our organization.


Find a company that provides casino supplies, such as the tables, chips, and prizes, either donated or purchased and host a Casino Night where participants pay for chips and raffles for prizes.


Gather artwork from a professional art company, or talented friends, and host an auction. Participants pay an entry to attend and bid. A percentage of sales are donated to the nonprofit.


Collect your best and favorite recipes from friends and family and create a cookbook. You can sell the book in print or digital format. There are professional companies and print shops that can assist with organizing and assembling the book.

You are not limited to the ideas above. Your event can include wine tasting, yoga sessions and more.

The sky is the limit!