Pap Chat

Pap Chat is a great way to learn about The Pap Corps’ new initiatives, meet fellow Members, hear their stories, and get some informative health tips!

Sarah Negrin

Pap Chat – Kay chats with Sarah Negrin to learn more how to win an 8-day VIP trip to Napa Valley with accommodations at the famed Meritage Resort & Spa. Ticket proceeds support new clinical trials in breast, brain and genitourinary cancers. View scenes from the stunning resort and learn more about the raffle and the Toast to the Next Survivor event on February 18, 2021.

Dr. Stephen Nimer

Pap Chat – Stephen D. Nimer, M.D, Director of Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center discusses the latest advances in cancer treatments and the new clinical trials The Pap Corps is supporting during this informative Pap Chat with Susan Dinter and Beverly Berkowitz.

Sally Berenzweig

Pap Chat – On today’s Pap Chat, our Chair of the Board Susan Dinter introduces us to The Pap Corps’ new CEO, Sally Friedman Berenzweig. Join us for this fascinating conversation about her family connections to our organization, the current fundraisers and the plans for the future!

Michael Lobel

Pap Chat – Kay chats with Michael Lobel, member of the Budget and Finance Committee, about the importance of the Giving Train.

Richard and Marie

Pap Chat – Richard and Marie Garrick from the Aberdeen chapter join us today for Pap Chat, along with a brief celebrity cameo! 

Tune in to find out! The couple are participating  in Footloose and Cancer

Free and are passionate fundraisers and dancers!

Lorri and Jodie

Pap Chat – On  this episode of  Pap Chat we speak with Jodie Rothman from Villaggio Reserve. She is both a Pap Corps member and a long-term Sylvester patient. Thanks to cancer research, she is still alive today!

Susan and Kay

Pap Chat – Get to know our new Board Chair Susan Dinter in our latest Pap Chat. Learn about her journey as a Pap Corps member, her cancer story and her plans for our organization during these unprecedented times.

Lorri and Illene

Pap Chat – Looking for some great fundraising ideas? Ilene Rallo from the Greater Boynton chapter joins us for Pap Chat today to talk about her role in the organization, the growth of her chapter and what they are planning event-wise during this time!

Joel and Trina

Pap Chat – Dancing has played a big part in the lives of Joel and Trina Schwartz. And now they are putting their love of the merengue to good use by participating in Footloose and Cancer Free. The Valencia Pointe couple have a lot to say about why supporting The Pap Corps is so important to them. Listen in to their Pap Chat and remember to vote.

Hilary and Mike

Pap Chat – Let’s Dance and Vote! Today’s Pap Chat welcomes Hilary Greenfield and Mike Smith from The Bellaggio Chapter. The couple is dancing in Footloose and Cancer Free and they want everyone to know why supporting The Pap Corps is more important than ever! Vote for all of our dancers!

Jerry Paull

Pap Chat – National Cancer Survivor Month – To celebrate, Rich Grable hosts a Pap Chat with Jerry Paull, who shares his remarkable story of how The Pap Corps and Sylvester saved his life.

Elliott Booth

Pap Chat – Men’s Health Month – Highlighting the importance of men in The Pap Corps, Rich Grable hosts a Pap Chat with Elliot Booth, Board Member and Chair of the Men’s Initiative.