Dr. Carmen Calfa

Dr. Carmen Calfa

Dr. Calfa is an Assistant Professor of Medicine and an Associate Director of Community Outreach for the Sylvester Breast Cancer Center in Plantation, where she also chairs the multidisciplinary tumor board.   In addition to being an outstanding and compassionate physician, she has dedicated her career to developing new treatment approaches for women with breast cancer and improving breast cancer survivorship. She plays a key role in the adolescent and young adult (AYA) steering committee and leads the Precision Medicine trials Initiative at Sylvester. Dr. Calfa is institutional PI for several clinical trials including her role as not only PI but a member of the ASCO-TAPUR national steering committee. Targeted Agent and Profiling Utilization Registry (TAPUR™) Study is a clinical trial for people with advanced cancer no longer responding to standard treatment or for whom there is no standard treatment available.  Participating patients receive treatment targeted to a potentially actionable genomic alteration, identified through a molecular profiling test. TAPUR is unique because it aims to learn whether already approved drugs might work against different cancer types sharing the same genomic alteration. Under Calfa’s leadership, Sylvester is the only site where TAPUR is available throughout Florida and has benefited patients from near and far. 

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