Dr. Erin Kobetz

Dr. Erin Kobetz

May brings our focus to cancer research excellence. Today, we spotlight Dr. Erin Kobetz who was a recent speaker at our Presidents’ Meeting where she introduced us to the Game Changer Vehicle. Dr. Kobetz is the Associate Director for Population Science and Cancer Disparity, Chief of Population Health and Cancer Disparities for UHealth Oncology Service Line, Program Co-Leader, Cancer Control Research Program. Dr. Kobetz, discovered an alarming rate of cervical cancer in Miami’s Little Haiti neighborhood shortly after joining the Miller School of Medicine faculty in 2003. She also serves as Director and Principal Investigator for the Firefighter Cancer Initiative, leading to better documentation and understanding of the excess burden of cancer among Florida firefighters and to the identification of novel, evidence-based methods for reducing risk. Dr. Kobetz will begin her tenure as vice provost for research in June 2020.

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