Dao M. Nguyen, MD MSc FRCSC FACS

Dao M. Nguyen, MD

As we continue our salute to the doctors at Sylvester during National Cancer Month, we are proud to spotlight Dr. Dao Nguyen, who is the Professor of Surgery and the B. and Donald Carlin Endowed Chair of Thoracic Surgical Oncology, University of Miami.  He is also an active member of the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center and co-chair of the thoracic cancer site disease group (SDG).  His clinical interests include minimally invasive robotic thoracic surgery.  Under his leadership, robotic thoracic surgery program at The University of Miami UHealth System has grown significantly with more than 1,200 procedures performed over the last 7 years with outstanding outcomes (<0.4% mortality and <10% major morbidities, clearly superior to national averages).  Moreover, Dr Nguyen has spearheaded efforts of implementing preoperative care pathway called ERATS (Enhanced Recovery After Thoracic Surgery) focusing improvement of postoperative pain control and clinical outcomes.  Since its implementation in February 2018, many patients recovering from thoracic  surgical procedures either by robotic or by open thoracotomy require little or no potent opioids such as oxycodone or hydromorphone for pain control while in hospital and also after discharge.  Such advances reduce the exposure of patients narcotics and also minimize the availability of opioids to the community, contributing to the fight against  the opioid epidemic in the USA.  He also collaborates with basic scientists at UM who focus on basic and translational lung cancer research.


  • From the moment I met Dr. Nguyen, I felt I was in the right place, in good hands. My case was complicated and looking at a probable lung cancer diagnosis, I was terrified. Dr. Nguyen coordinated my care with a Vascular Surgeon and a Pulmonologist and gave me the confidence to proceed with a positive attitude.
    Dr. Nguyen performed the surgery on March 27 and much to my delight I was able to go home on the very next day. Other than a lingering cough, I have had minimal discomfort post-surgery.
    More than coordinating my care, more than the outstanding surgeon that he is, he is a mensch. In Yiddish, that means a caring, kind, considerate person, who lives his life with integrity and honor. Dr. Nguyen asked me to text him daily both before and after the surgery so that he would know how I was doing. How many doctors would do that? Even now two months post-surgery I am in contact with this exceptional person.
    He is a remarkable man, a treasure! I am so lucky to have had Dr. Nguyen as my surgeon and in my corner.

  • Thank you ..
    Dr Nguyen for taking such good care of my husband when he came to you diagnosed with lung cancer! Your prompt attention to his surgery was a life saver.
    You always had time to talk to me and my family, you always explained everything about what his treatment would be so we completly understood everything that you were going to do. Thank you again!!!
    We are so grateful!!!
    I am a lifetime member of PAPS also!

  • Dr. Nguyen operated on me in 2011. From the moment we met, I knew what a capable, competent, kind, doctor and human he is. Dr Nguyen saved my life. You can’t be in better hands than Dr. Nguyen.

  • I am a lifetime Pap Corps member. Again, thank you Dr. Nguyen and thank you to the Boca West Chapter.

  • On March 9th, you performed surgery on my wife, Gloria, for a nodule that was found on her lung. Fortunately, it was not malignant.

    I am an accountant and have been somewhat busy, so it took a while to touch base with you and thank you for the great care and attention you, your staff and the UM Hospital gave to our family. You put us both at ease and exuded a confidence that made us a lot more comfortable in a very scary time in our lives. I especially was so pleased to be included in the conversation while isolated to my car due to the Covid 19 virus. Everyone we dealt with in both the Deerfield and Miami facilities were also extremely nice and caring. The date of the surgery, I received telephone notice of her status and a personal call from you shortly after the surgery was completed. I felt the happiness in your voice and it made my day. Something I will remember forever.

    Gloria is very active in the membership function of the PAP CORP in our community, Valencia Isles. There are over 600 members in our chapter and she has been a major force in many of them joining and supporting the PAP Corps. We remember your interest in PAP and will make arrangements to have you visit and give our neighbors a little more detail of what Sylvester is all about. Our clubhouse is closed until September, but we will take care of this over the summer.

    We sincerely appreciate what you, UM and the entire staff have done for Gloria and our family.

    Gary Horowitz


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