Dr. Charles Vogel

Dr. Charles Vogel

During May we are saluting the esteemed cancer physicians at Sylvester. Today, we feature Dr. Charles Vogel, Director of the Women’s Center at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center at Deerfield Beach. Dr. Vogel has devoted most of his 53 years in medical oncology to researching and treating breast cancer. His career began in Uganda while working with the National Cancer Institute’s Solid Tumor Service. Dr. Vogel became the world’s leading expert in Kaposi’s sarcoma. His early research also focused on the link between Hepatitis B and liver cancer, which eventually was recognized as the leading risk factor around the globe. Since joining the University of Miami  in 1975,Dr. Vogel devoted all his treatment and research efforts to breast cancer and is considered one of the world’s major opinion leaders in that field.

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    • Carol Perrin
    • May 29, 2020,  2:58 pm
    • Reply
    • Doctor Vogel is the sweetest, kindest doctor anyone could wish for. Being diagnosed with breast cancer is very scary but Dr Vogel held my hand throughout my chemo, surgery and follow ups.
      I cannot day enough good things about him.

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