Dr. W. Jarrard Goodwin, Professor and Associate Chief Medical Officer UMHC

Dr. Jarrad Goodwin

May is National Cancer Research Month, and Sylvester has made many advancements thanks to the dedication of Dr. Jarrard  (Jerry) Goodwin.

Dr. Goodwin has played an integral role in the growth of Sylvester during the past years, helping build a successful business model for the clinical affairs of the Center, and recruited, either directly or through collaborations, an army of cancer faculty, scientists, educators and physicians, who have dramatically enhanced the quality of the academic production and clinical delivery at Sylvester. He has also been instrumental in building and optimizing Sylvester’s satellite locations in Deerfield Beach and Kendall. All this while being one of the leading physicians in the treatment of cancer and benign tumors of the mouth, throat, neck, salivary glands, thyroid gland, and facial skin.

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  • I am the daughter in law of Ruth and Rip Goldman. You treated Ruth for many years when she had maxillary cancer. She adored you and the relationship you shared. Ruth passed in 2006, not from cancer, but a broken hip. Our son Gregg, her grandson just had a book published and debuted on April 30, 2024 about his and his wife’s world being shaken when she was diagnosed with cancer in 2022. As a result his book Lymphomania is today #1.
    Hope you are well and enjoying retirement
    Arlene Goldman
    Ps remember she asked you to live until Gregg’s bar mitzvah, she did and attended his wedding!


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